Since 1970, Farm Panorama dedicates itself to livestock in Camaquã, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The company has another plant located 90 km from Camaquã, in the city of Amaral Ferrador.

Among the main activities are the planting of irrigated rice, and soybeans, raising and selection of Mediterranean and Murrah buffaloes, beef cattle raising and silviculture with plantation areas of Black Acacia and Eucalyptus.

All activities are based on the natural abilities of each area, using natural resources rationally and responsibly. The company owns 14% of its area covered by native forests preserved, and about 75 hectares of dams used for irrigation of rice crops.

Among the company's differentiated technologies are:

• Budget and Cost Tracking: Using modern management tools with computerized system, looking for the maximum economic efficiency on the business. Since 1993 the company has its results advised by the company Safras e Cifras. (

• Buffaloes: Sorting by performance since 1987 using PROMEBO (beef cattle improvement program) that uses the most modern statistical methods to determine the selection of animals. Besides, the use of genetic imported from Italy ensures Farm Panorama as a reference in advanced genetics of buffaloes.

• Rational Rotating Herding (RRP): All livestock areas use this tool aiming the maximum output of pounds per hectare.

The company management is done by Delfino Beck Barbosa, owner of the company and responsible for the commercial area and Agriculturist Luciano Barbosa Stasiak, responsible for the technical and financial.

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The Panorama Farm is situated 122 km from Porto Alegre (capital of the Rio Grande do Sul State) in Camaquã, distant 22 km from the county seat, in Faxinal locality of Ramires - 4th District, coordinates 30 ° 44'6.55 " S 51 ° 43'25.49 "W - red arrow in Google Maps.
Route Google Maps - Centro de Camaquã/RS - Fazenda Panorama

Route Google Maps - Porto Alegre/RS - Fazenda Panorama

Route Google Maps - Pelotas - Fazenda Panorama

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